Samaiden is devoted in making sustainable living a better commonplace.

Thinking about the future?
How about helping us shape it


Create opportunities for students to learn and explore at its full potential.

Program: Samaiden Internship Program

Through a series of developmental activities under the mentoring and leadership of an experienced leader within the function, these talented learners will gain valuable experience in understanding business processes and issues.


Offer alternatives for sustainable livelihood and improved health to all generations.

Program 1: International Women’s Day 2021

Program 2: Community PV Rooftop Projects – Perak

Program 3: Community PV Rooftop Projects – Selangor


Better the environment through energy conservation and sustainable programmes.

Program: Save paper, Save Tree

Samaiden is committed to environmental preservation activities through the adoption of the 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) strategy, which includes opting for double-sided printing, reusing any printed papers, and monitoring the consumption of paper through monthly inspections.