Commercial & Industrial Solar Solutions

Lower your energy bill, protect yourself from rising electricity costs and reduce your impact on the environment
. Rising energy costs are a reality for every organization. But what if you could take control of your energy costs—now and into the future?

Leading organizations around the world have discovered that an energy strategy which includes solar and energy information systems is a powerful way to reduce operational costs. Samaiden helps our customers reduce their energy expenses by making commercial solar a part of their broader energy strategy.

Our goal is to maximize customer savings that can be reinvested into differentiating and growing their core business

How We Deliver

Understand Your Business

We get to know your business and key objectives so we can deliver the best tailored renewable energy solution for your site.

Your Preliminary Solutions

Our in-house experts design a preliminary renewable energy solution tailored to your site and needs, providing you with an analysis of its estimated financial benefits.

Technical Site Review

Our qualified electricians complete a technical site review to confirm the final details of the solution and its installation. This minimises any surprises or variations down the track.

Completed Proposal

SAMAIDEN provides a detailed solution proposal ready for your approval. It’s comprehensive and ready for executive or board level review.

Approvals and Installation

SAMAIDEN internally manages all necessary distributor approvals on your behalf, saving you valuable time and resources. Every installation is performed by accredited installers and complies with SEDA guidelines.

Ongoing Support

We continue to work with you after installation to maintain, monitor, and optimise your solution. We want to ensure it reaches peak performance and delivers on our projections.