Top-Notch After Installation Services

Operations & Maintenance

We provide solar O&M services tailored to your needs, maintaining system uptime and improved energy production. With its expertise and inter capabilities, Samaiden provides end-to-end service such as oversee and manage whole plan operation and maintenance. Solar operation and maintenance can help to extend the life of solar plans and facilities by minimizing deterioration and impairment of solar panels.

Site Monitoring

Remote monitoring, diagnostics, and troubleshooting are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Reports are generated on a daily, monthly, and annual basis to keep track of critical metrics as well as key operational events and trends.

Preventive Maintenance

To maintain optimal plant efficiency, we continuously assess the condition, operability, and safety of all PV systems and execute the necessary preventative maintenance.

Corrective Maintenance

We make arrangements for on-site maintenance. Several inverter technologies have been used by our field technicians.

Warranty Management

We represent you in any warranty claims. For components located within the project, we will enforce your claims and exercise all of your rights arising under warranties and guarantees.


To provide you with the greatest service, we are implementing new technology.


All maintenance works at the site are carried out in a safe manner

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