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Samaiden, an award winner of the ASEAN
Energy Award 2017

Samaiden, an award winner of the ASEAN Energy Award 2017 is a Renewable Energy provider incorporated in 2013, principally involved in engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning (EPCC) of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems and power plants.

The Group’s other business activities include the provision of renewable energy (RE) and environmental consulting services, as well as operation and maintenance (O&M) services.

Committed to providing excellent services, our Company is listed on Bursa Malaysia’s Ace Market and we seek to provide the best Renewable Energy solutions by fully committing to deliver the best quality of services for the satisfaction of our customers. With over 200 completed projects, we aim to strive for more, for a better and greener future.


We aim to provide the best Renewable Energy solutions by fully committing to deliver the best quality of services for the satisfaction of our customers at an affordable


To be the game-changing Total Solutions provider in Renewable Energy and Environmental Services in Malaysia and neighbouring countries

Core Values


We offer products and services that are safe for the environment.


We ensure that our works are completed at the highest quality and adhere to all sets of rules and regulations.


We demonstrate good interactions and experience throughout our entire customer journey.

License & Qualification

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Solar Energy

E - Engineering
Detailed engineering design and specifications provided by experts
P - Procurement
Procuring top quality equipments and construction materials
C - Construction
Systematic and efficient solar panels installation
C - Commissioning
Multiple inspection and testing will be carried out to ensure that everything is in compliance with rules and regulations

Take charge of your energy bills by shifting to solar with us. We cater every process and make your solar energy experience valuable through a seamless process.

Residential - Save more with Solar

How does it work?

  • Long Term Investment
    – Solar panels are made to last more than 25 years
  • Less TNB bill
    – The more energy is generated, the less energy is needed from the grid
  • Cost-effective
    – Low maintenance as the solar panels are rigid and have no moving parts
  • Eco-friendly
    – Unlike fossil fuel, solar energy can help to reduce more carbon emissions

Commercial & Industrial (C&I) - Stress Free with Solar

Reason to invest in solar

  • Less expenses
    – Your utility bills will be significantly reduced when you generate your own energy
  • Hassle free
    – All procedure will be handled by SAMAIDEN industry experts
  • Double Tax Incentive
    – Eligible to apply incentive by government including GITA and CA
  • Enhance company’s identity
    – Eco-friendly businesses can attract more customers

Large Scale Solar (LSS)

LSS refers to any solar photovoltaic plant with a minimum size of 1MWac and a maximum size of 50MWac, connected to either the Transmission Network or Distribution Network in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah or Labuan

Your solar power system’s excess electricity will be sold to the grid automatically.
Any electricity generated by your solar power system will be used solely for your building.


1. NEM – Keep more money in your pocket with NEM
Net Energy Metering (NEM) scheme is a government initiative to encourage more people to adopt solar PV systems as it allows consumers to export back any excess energy to the grid on a “one-on-one” offset basis. As a result, no energy is wasted and you can enjoy a much lower electricity bill if your system generates more energy than you require.

Requirement to apply ?

  1. Existing TNB consumer
  2. No outstanding TNB bill

How to apply

  1. Contact us to register your solar PV installation
  2. We will handle everything for you including designing the solar PV system capacity based on SEDA requirement (single phase; 4 kWac, three phase; 10 kWac) and NEM quota application
  3. Upon approval, we will start the solar PV installation for you

2. SELCO – Generate your own electricity and save up to 80% off electricity bills with SELCO

The Self-Consumption (SELCO) programme is meant to help your business in minimising the overall energy consumption, particularly when your industry is required to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Let’s find out how much you could save

  • Average TNB bill
  • Property type
  • Address
  • State


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