Samaiden Strikes Landmark Power Purchase Agreement with Global Beverage Leader Yakult

Samaiden Strikes Landmark Power Purchase Agreement with Global Beverage Leader Yakult

The 20-year agreement solidifies Samaiden and Yakult’s commitment to sustainability, aiming to reduce carbon emissions and promote renewable energy solutions.


PETALING JAYA, 07 JULY 2023 – Samaiden Group Berhad (“Samaiden”), a leading renewable energy specialist, today announced that Samaiden Capital Management Sdn Bhd (“Samaiden Capital”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samaiden, has successfully completed the acquisition of a Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA”) with Yakult, a globally recognised beverage company. The PPA underpins the shared commitment of both companies to embrace sustainability and promote clean energy practices.

Under the terms of the agreement, Samaiden is set to supply Yakult with renewable energy generated from solar facilities located at two strategic locations – Seremban, with a capacity of 496.26kWp, and Glenmarie, with a capacity of 212.22kWp. This significant combined capacity has the potential to address a substantial portion of Yakult’s energy requirements with clean, solar power, underscoring both entities’ commitment to sustainable practices.

The 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between Samaiden and Yakult serves as a testament to their long-term dedication to solar energy and a broader commitment to environmental stewardship. Throughout the tenure of the agreement, Samaiden, as the investor, will be responsible for the installation, operation, and maintenance of the solar power systems at the designated sites, thereby ensuring a consistent and reliable supply of renewable energy.

Highlighting the impact of this partnership on Yakult’s carbon footprint, it is worth noting that the shift towards renewable solar energy will significantly mitigate the company’s carbon emissions. By opting for clean, solar power, Yakult takes a proactive step towards reducing its environmental impact, affirming its position as a responsible corporate citizen dedicated to sustainability.

Yakult, renowned in the beverage industry worldwide, has consistently championed sustainability and endeavoured to minimise its carbon footprint. This partnership with Samaiden marks another crucial step towards its environmental objectives, as Yakult continues to prioritise renewable energy sources.

Managing Director of Yakult, Mr. Hiroki Yanase, commented on the partnership, “With the changing global scenario, this PPA with Samaiden is a strategic step towards our commitment to sustainability. We’re excited to see how this partnership will further our green initiatives and support our mission of providing healthy beverages whilst caring for our environment.”

Managing Director of Samaiden Group, Ir. Chow Pui Hee expressed her delight over the secured PPA, saying, “Ther collaboration enables us to contribute significantly to Yakult’s sustainability initiatives while advancing our mission to promote clean energy solutions. We are confident that our expertise in renewable energy will lead to palpable and positive outcomes for Yakult.”

By utilising Samaiden’s proficiency in solar power generation, Yakult stands to significantly reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and considerably lower its carbon emissions by 705.96 tonnes annually. This partnership illustrates the unwavering commitment of both organisations to fostering a greener and more sustainable future.

“More importantly, given the agriculture sector’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, efforts on the front will come from mitigating menthane-intensive rice and livestock production and promoting the use of biogas in livestock management, organic fertiliser and deep fertiliser technology.”


Samaiden Group Berhad (“Samaiden”), through its subsidiary is a renewable energy (“RE”) specialist incorporated in 2013, principally involved in engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning (EPCC) of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems and power plants. Samaiden Group’s other activities include the provision of RE and environmental consulting services, as well as operation and maintenance (O&M) services.


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